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The United States presidential election of 2032 was the 62nd quadrennial American presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 2, 2032. Democratic Party nominees incumbent President Julián Castro and incumbent Vice President Cory Booker defeated Republican Party nominees U.S. Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas and U.S. Senator Todd Young from Indiana.

As a popular incumbent, Julián Castro secured the Democratic nomination without any serious opposition. In the Republican field, there was a close race between several candidates, with Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas eventually gaining enough delegates to become the Republican nominee. The campaigns focused largely on foreign policy issues, such as the outbreak of the Second Chinese Civil War, instability in the Middle East following the Saudi-Iranian War, unrest in Russia, the Indian-Pakistani War of 2030, and the rise of emerging powers, such as Brazil, Argentina, and Indonesia.

Castro defeated Cotton decisively. The electoral college had been abolished in 2029, so this election was determined solely by popular vote. Castro did very well in urban and suburban areas, but failed to gain much support in rural areas, with Wisconsin voting Republican for the first time since 2016 and Maine voting Republican for the first time since 1988, although Ben Sasse had won Maine's 2nd Congressional District in 2028.



Democratic Party[]


- Julián Castro, incumbent President of the United States from Texas for President

- Cory Booker, incumbent Vice President of the United States from New Jersey for President

Republican Party[]


- Tom Cotton, U.S. Senator from Arkansas for President

- Todd Young, U.S. Senator from Indiana for Vice President

Withdrawn candidates[]

- Elise Stefanik, Governor of New York (lost nomination, endorsed Tom Cotton)