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The United States presidential election of 2040 was the 64th quadrennial American presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 6, 2040. Republican Party nominees incumbent President Elise Stefanik and incumbent Vice President George LeMieux defeated Democratic Party nominees U.S. Senator Michael Westely from Georgia and U.S. Representative Diego Orizaga from Texas.

As a popular incumbent, Elise Stefanik secured the Republican nomination without any serious opposition. In the Democratic field, there was a close race between several candidates, with Senator Michael Westely from Georgia eventually gaining enough delegates to become the Democratic nominee. The campaigns focused largely on foreign policy issues, such as the Second Russian Civil War, the economy of India surpassing that of the United States, the growing power of Turkey and Japan, and political unrest in Mexico leading to an influx of immigrants across the border. Domestic issues were also discussed, such as the Universal Healthcare Act (UHA), a plan to repair crumbling infrastructure in many parts of the country, and rapid economic boom following the Crash of 2026.

Stefanik defeated Westely. With 49.76% of the popular vote to Westely's 44.12%, she won the popular vote by the largest margin for a Republican candidate since George H.W. Bush in 1988. She expanded on her success in rural areas in 2036, becoming the first Republican to win New Hampshire since 2004 and the first Republican to win Florida, Michigan, and North Carolina since 2016. She lost New York by 5.02%, the closest a Republican candidate had come to winning the state since George H.W. Bush lost the state by slightly over 4% in 1988.



Democratic Party[]


- Michael Westely, U.S. Senator from Georgia for President

- Diego Orizaga, U.S. Representative from Texas for Vice President

Withdrawn candidates[]

- Tulsi Gabbard, Governor of Hawaii (lost nomination, endorsed Michael Westely)

- Kirsten Gillibrand, U.S. Senator from New York (withdrew May 16, 2040, endorsed Michael Westely)

- Nathaniel DuPont, U.S. Representative from Minnesota (withdrew April 4, 2040, endorsed Michael Westely)

- Jorge Macanda, U.S. Representative from California (withdrew March 9, 2040, endorsed Michael Westely)

Republican Party[]


- Elise Stefanik, incumbent President of the United States from New York for President

- George LeMieux, incumbent Vice President of the United States from Florida for Vice President

Green Party[]


- Allison Edwards, political activist from Massachusetts for President

- Howard Warren, political activist from California for Vice President

Withdrawn candidates[]

- John Huntley, County Legislator from Washington (lost nomination, endorsed Allison Edwards)

- Jacques DeVeir, Mayor from Vermont (withdrew April 30, 2040, endorsed Allison Edwards)

- Holly Weirstein, political activist from Wisconsin (withdrew March 17, 2040, endorsed John Huntley and later Allison Edwards)

Libertarian Party[]