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The United States presidential election of 2048 was the 66th quadrennial American presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 3, 2048. Democratic Party nominees incumbent President Jacob Edwards from Vermont and incumbent Vice President Alyssa Hutchinson from Washington defeated Republican Party nominees U.S. Senator Chris O'Connor from Missouri and U.S. Representative Nathaniel Lotsodoklo from South Carolina, Socialist Party nominees Mayor Anthony Martinez from Oregon and political activist Marissa Manning from Maine, and Green Party nominees Town Supervisor Michael Dinguini from Pennsylvania and political activist Matthew Stebbins from Illinois. At the age of 45, Jacob Edwards became the youngest president ever elected to a second term, and Alyssa Hutchinson became the first woman to be elected vice president twice.

Jacob Edwards, as a popular incumbent president, was able to capture the Democratic nomination without any major opposition. In the Republican field, there was a relatively close race between many candidates, with Senator Chris O'Connor from Missouri eventually becoming the frontrunner and gaining enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination. There were only a few candidates in the Socialist field, with Mayor Anthony Martinez from Oregon securing the nomination with relative ease. In the Green field, there were also not many candidates, with Town Supervisor Anthony Dinguini from Pennsylvania easily capturing the nomination. The campaigns focused largely on foreign policy issues, such as tensions in Europe and Asia that seemed to be approaching the boiling point, a global recession caused by a trade war between China and India, and a recent coup d'etat in Mexico. Domestic issues were also discussed, such as plans for construction of a high-speed bullet rail system linking cities across the nation, an emerging refugee crisis in the Southwestern United States caused by a massive influx of immigrants across the border, and an ongoing flu epidemic.

Edwards defeated O'Connor in a decisive victory. With Edwards winning 49.86% of the popular vote, O'Connor winning 45.36% of the popular vote, Martinez winning 3.52% of the popular vote, and Dinguini winning 0.94% of the popular vote, Edwards won the popular vote by the largest margin since Julián Castro in 2032. Edwards expanded on his success in 2044, winning the largest number of votes for a presidential candidate since Joe Biden won 73.4 million votes in 2020.



Democratic Party[]


- Jacob Edwards, incumbent President of the United States from Vermont for President

- Alyssa Hutchinson, incumbent Vice President of the United States from Washington for Vice President

Republican Party[]


- Chris O'Connor, U.S. Senator from Missouri for President

- Nathaniel Lotsodoklo, U.S. Representative from South Carolina for Vice President

Withdrawn candidates[]

- Cory Gardner, former U.S. Senator from Colorado (withdrew May 19, 2048, endorsed Chris O'Connor)

- Rena Haley, U.S. Senator from South Carolina (withdrew April 28, 2048, endorsed Chris O'Connor)

- Meghan McCain, U.S. Senator from Arizona (withdrew April 2, 2048, endorsed Chris O'Connor)

- Patrick Damon, U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (withdrew March 13, 2048, endorsed Chris O'Connor)

Socialist Party[]


- Anthony Martinez, Mayor from Oregon for President

- Marissa Manning, political activist from Maine for Vice President

Withdrawn candidates[]